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Property of Texas Instruments

Following files are either derived from or directly owned by Texas Instruments

Collection of commonly needed files for creating a C6711 DSK project. There will be a simple example project zipped showing useage when I get around to it.

C6xdsk.cmd (Linker Command File)

vectors_11.asm (Vectors)

vectors.asm (Vectors)

c6xinterrupts.h (DSK vectors header)

C6xdsk.h (DSK header)

c6xdskinit.c (DSK initilization)

c6xdskinit.h (DSK initilization header)

Demonstration exe for TMS320C6711

This has been tested on WXP and W7 32 bit. W10 and W7 64 bit doesn't work, related to the paralell port driver. Communications to the board is via a paralell port, there is also a JTAG port on the DSK but you'll have to dig deep to access that. The software below has an option to allow you to download your own programs to the board via the paralell port.

Only problems I had required a change of the address of the paralell port and mode of operation in the bios. Select LPT1 SPP Nibble Mode in the software, slowest but most likly to work.

windsk6_installer.exe (Demo software for TMS320C6711DSK)

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