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Printed Circuit Board Contract manufacturing

File formats accepted, Altium Designer PCBDOC or Gerbers including Drill file and clear details on board specific requirements, like thickness of substrate, copper thickness, any special pad requirements, silkscreen on which layers, type of substrate, board cutout layer and any slots.

Printed Circuit Board Contract Assembly

File formats as above including a Bill of Materials (BOM) and a Pick and Place file. There will need to be fiducials and origin marker on the PCB. The BOM will need to be proven for part numbers, sourcing and availability before we proceed with the job.

Quality Control of Deliverables

Test parameters for the assembled boards which will either be provided to us or we will derive same from design details. In order for us to offer a no compromise solution your engineering team may need to provide design details as required. Confidentiality is assured.

Engineering Support

In the advent of any queries our engineering consultant will be called upon to resolve any discrepancies and possibly make suggestions to improve product yield. The engineering support can be extended to providing support to your own team if required.

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