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Printed Circuit Board Capabilities

Review of manufacturing details

To be able to quote we need to know substrate type (eg FR4), thickness of the substrate, number of layers and the layer stack-up, colour of the solder resist, silkscreen overlays (one or two layers), any special treatment to the pads (eg tin, gold flash), copper thickness required and number of boards. As a standard we do bare board testing which assures you of connectivity of the traces. This doesn't verify a design, simply that the design as laid out is connected.

The PCB costing is based on the size, number of holes, substrate type, number of layers and copper thickness.

All orders and quotes must have current version number with the file name and preferably text on the silkscreen reflecting the current version.

File formats accepted

We accept Altium PCBDOC files, Gerbers with Drill files and if component loading of the boards is required we will also require the pick and place file along with fiducials and an origin marker placed on the board. If you are unsure of the requirements we can derive all the same from your Altium PCBDOC file.


Every time a new PCB is made there is artwork and tooling that needs to be made for the board. The first batch will always be more expensive than subsequent batches. If board loading is also required, then there will be brass or stainless steel solder paste stencils made specifically for your board.

Quote will be cost per board including the tooling amortized over the batch. Subsequent batches will be cheaper as the artwork and tooling will already have been paid for in the first batch.

Detailed Bill of Materials review

A review of the BOM will be carried out. This will be looking at part numbers, footprints and making sure all the parts are readily available. Revision control of both the PCB and BOM will be clearly detailed.

Agreement on applicable tests

We carry out tests on our boards to protect you from manufacturing problems. We will require enough design detail to be able to carry out these tests. Ideally a full schematic along with any design notes. Done properly we can monitor our performance and reduce any chance of you having problems. Confidentiality is assured.

We can't offer any assurance on loaded boards if testing parameters are not supplied.

From concept to inception, we follow your idea through to a success

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