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Feedback to engineering staff

If enough information is provided to us we can typically catch most simple design issues before production. However there may be details not made aware to us that we can't pick up.

This feedback mechanism forms part of a closed loop, self-improvement system.

Review of any design problems

If tests show that there are issue with the design we will contact engineering staff to resolve these problems.

Review of any manufacturing problems

Feedback here would typically be about poor footprint or trace to component thermal profile choices, leading to problems with loading of boards.

Test Reports

When the result of tests are indicating a design issue we would involve your engineering staff to resolve.

Feedback on batch yield

If there are design issues suggesting greater batch failure or operating outside of parameters more than would be acceptable then we would involve engineering.


Findings from tests suggesting abnormal operation will include suggestions to improve batch yields. It may be as simple as broadening the test parameters up to a redesign. We work with you as your success is our success.

From concept to inception, we follow your idea through to a success

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