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About Us

Where we are

DJDTS Electronics is located 6 kms from the center of Brisbane just off the M3. Perfectly situated with great access locally and with direct flights to the broader Asia Pacific region daily.

What we do

We work with our clients to manufacture electronic products. Our unique service approaches manufacturing holistically, through the whole lifecycle of your product. We do this through testing, understanding manufacturing processes involved and what that means for a design.

Why we do it

We have been involved in the electronic manufacturing industry over many decades in both large and small companies. We have seen the problems and pitfalls that occur from clients out-sourcing their pcb manufacturing requirements.

Have you ever had,

  • Parts falling off boards
  • Substandard parts used
  • Premature failure of the product
  • Tombstoning of parts
  • Scewed loading of parts
  • Solder balls all over the board
  • Crystalized solder joints
  • Tin Whiskers
  • Dry joints
  • Excess flux residue masking inspection
  • Boards that simply don't function or meet specification
  • Parts that aren't soldered correctly
  • Incorrect parts loaded or polarity of parts incorrect
  • Pcb footprints that simply don't work
  • In the event of a rework, pcb pads coming away from the substrate too easily
  • Finding rework is excessive
  • Customer returns or product recalls becoming a burden

Have you ever had engineering or production blaming the pcb manufacturer or the board loading company for problems, or software engineers blaming hardware engineers and vice versa or everyone blaming production for poor assembly when really the solution may be relatively simple. None of the blaming is constructive but the solution is quite feasibly a mix of a number of the above and by analysing the problem there may be a simple solution.

Some people have a good experience with the out-sourcing process but find it difficult to lock down why the reliability or product yield is less than ideal. There is a price to pay either by the client or the end customer. Some businesses solution to the problem has been to bring the manufacturing process in house, costing potentially many millions of dollars in facilities, staff and maintenance necessitating a return on investment possibly beyond their own manufacturing requirements which is not core to the business. Other companies accept the failure rates and the cost burden they bear both directly and indirectly from reputation. Others try to find a solution by jumping between assorted manufacturers only to find they are no better off.

How we do it

Our clients draw on a wide manufacturing background of over 50 combined years of experience in the industry with a proven contact base both in Australia and overseas in Vietnam, China and the States. We offer a no compromise solution to out-sourcing your manufacturing requirements. We can offer this no compromise solution by working with you in the design, manufacture and delivery stages by offering solutions to the assorted pitfalls in printed circuit board manufacture and loading to improve product yield. Solutions aimed at reducing or eliminate rework and premature failure and potentially reducing manufacturing costs per batch. A significant component to offering the no compromise solution is done by testing each board, through an initial, in depth analysis, early in the relationship with the client, then subsequently a subset of these tests to monitor and provide feedback on batch yields.

Our philosophy

We recognize our clients are the experts in their respective industries and electronics is necessary to realize a products functionality. However generally electronics is not the primary interest of our clients but a requirement to realize great ideas. We can lead companies through the maze of uncertainty so they can focus on what they do best. Our aim is to improve electronic manufacturing processes so our clients receive 100% yields from electronic products. If we have done our job right you will see increased reliability and reduced costs over a relatively short time frame which leads to better profit margins and improved customer satisfaction.

We take the uncertainty of manufacturing electronic products so you can focus on what you do best.


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